Have a Granite Forest Karate Party

We handle the karate (it’s a real class), the food, decorations, the paper-ware, the ice cream cake, the party bags, the clean-up, AND THE FUN!

We work hard  to ensure your child has the most exciting, coolest birthday party available, and at a better price than any other specialty school or studio within driving distance.

We do this because  we believe that this is a chance for your child and friends to experience how fascinating karate can be when taught by a good, well-trained instructor. And we do it in a way that lets everyone have a blast!

Our parties give you two hours’ use of our beautiful, traditional dojo, PLUS…

Custom Karate invitations
An hour of intense, exciting, age-appropriate karate games and lessons
Official, guest-signed white belt
Tables and chairs for the party group and additional seating for adults
Plates, napkins and utensils
Plenty of Domino’s Cheese Pizza
A locally hand-made custom ice cream cake sized to your party and in flavors of the birthday child’s choosing, with candles
Karate-themed party favor bags featuring a FREE WEEK gift certificate to Granite Forest Karate (valid for new students only). Past bags have also included a suction cup throwing star, toys and candy

Your child enjoys all of this for $389.00 for up to 10 children! 

($15 for every child thereafter up to a maximum of 16).

Parents, adult friends and family members of the birthday child, and parents of the birthday guests, are welcome to stay, watch the class (yes, it will be an actual karate class) and eat pizza and ice cream cake for free!

Preferred party times are on Sundays at 2 pm., but we will do our best to arrange your party at another time if that slot is not possible for you. You are welcome to bring in outside food, paper supplies, and party favors, but we do provide more than enough of all of these!

We ask that you use our invitation; it is fun and exciting looking, and also informs parents of guests that they must sign a waiver on-premises (no drop-offs). It tells parents if they remain at the party, they are welcome to free pizza and ice cream cake. Most importantly, it asks that we be informed about guests with allergies or dietary restrictions one week prior to the party. Your help confirming the safety needs of your child’s friends is appreciated.

We hope to see you at the dojo soon !

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