Kids Classes

Ninja Kids Age 3-6


Ninja Classes

There’s nothing in the world more adorable than our Ninjas Classes! Our developmentally appropriate, life skills-based curriculum challenges children at their specific level of competence. Parents are invited to remain and watch their Karate Kids thrive through Discipline, Self-Control, Focus, Coordination and other weekly topics.

Shoto Kids Age 7-8


Shoto Classes

When children are shown to be ready to advance in their Martial Arts development, their next stop is Shoto Kids. Here they begin to refine their techniques, undergo structured sparring drills, learn kata, and learn proper Japanese terminology. Shoto Kids is a more challenging curriculum than Ninjas and serves well to prepare children for the rigors of Kids’ Shotokan.

Kids Shotokan Age 9-12


Kids Shotokan

Children entering Shotokan Training are exposed to an art practiced in a consistent way worldwide. Students are examined by high ranking area instructors and achieve lifetime, world-renowned ranking through the International Shotokan Karate Federation. While adhering to the tenets of the ISKF, we make Karate training fun and developmentally appropriate.

Family Shotokan


Family Classes

As parents we want to give kids a chance to find their gifts. At Granite Forest Karate we give you the chance to discover these gifts together. What other activity can you participate in, side-by-side, and even be held to the same criteria during advancement? Karate is a challenge, but it’s one you can face together as a family.

Adult Shotokan


Adult Classes

Serious adult students are welcome to attend classes designed specifically for them. Through the rigors of the study of Shotokan, our adult students have achieved a level of fitness, wellness and self reliance that was unimaginable previously. Beginning students are treated with respect, and classes are designed so that beginners feel welcome and are able to participate fully.

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