The Teachers at Granite Forest Dojo

I believe the strongest feature on a professional resume should be the state of one's children. Their achievements, and certainly their capacity for confronting challenges, are the strongest indications of their parents' capability, and of their parents' worthiness to be role models in the company of other peoples' children. Sensei Costa

Sensei Wade Greim

Sensei Wade Greim has been an electronic and audio technician and professional musician for over three decades. Mr. Greim was lead foreman throughout the construction of our beautiful dojo. He is a devoted husband, father to three extraordinary boys, and a loyal friend.


My intense passion for karate is as big as the laughs I’m known to produce in the dojo, often at myself during this challenging, happy climb as a Black Belt. While studying under Sensei Costa and other great teachers of the ISKF, I’m constantly trying to hone my skills in martial arts. My teaching style is all about empowerment and building confidence. Mine is an “if I can do it, anyone can” mentality. I’ve been an electronic technician and sound system installer for Lansdale Amusement Center for over 33 years.

I’m married to Elizabeth Greim, who works in the medical field and is a beautician who enjoys biking, is a movie trivia expert, and a terrific mother. Lizzy is ranked 8 Kyu (yellow belt) in the ISKF. In many bands I’ve played bass and guitar for over 30 years, but currently I only enjoy monthly jams with my old bandmates. I can’t do the grueling, 3 o’clock weekly gigs anymore! I also enjoy practicing mindfulness meditation with our Granite Forest Sangha on a monthly basis. I am a founding member of Join The Revolution for cancer-free kids.

How his kids turned out:


studying to be an electrician electric keyboards in an upcoming rock band the best omelet chef on the planet


designed, assembled, and programmed his own high performance gaming computer has done this for multiple other people honor role student in Pennridge High School enjoys tennis, swimming studying drums after years of piano


studies drums cares for animals at Last Chance Ranch Animal shelter. dazzling charisma and unflinching confidence in social situations has made him come to be known as The Mayor obsessed with Dragons, Godzilla, scary stories, and silly over the top Sharknado movies

Sensei Joe Quinn

Sensei Joe Quinn is a visual artist: he’s a painter, designer and user experience director. He is a dedicated martial artist and tournament competitor. Mr. Quinn travels to other dojos weekly to gain insights, practice his martial art, and discover new teaching concepts.


I’ve lived in Perkasie for over 15 years. My two teen-aged children (both of whom are smarter than I, and often more creative) train with me at Granite Forest Karate. As founding member of Join the Revolution for cancer-free kids, I support curing pediatric brain tumors through fundraising for programs at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). I sell art at local and regional galleries when I’m not designing and developing websites and corporate graphics.

I’ve enjoyed being a Granite Forest Karate instructor since 2012, but I’ve been learning, practicing, and performing karate since 2009. I compete in karate tournaments, study kata, and have had the good fortune to train under some of the best Shotokan practitioners in the United States and Canada: Master Teruyuki Okazaki, Hiroyoshi Okazaki, James Field, Robin Rielly, Najib Baha Amin, David Jones, and Bob Hoffman to name several.

During my time at Granite Forest Karate I’ve come to realize how closely martial arts and my first love and vocation, visual art, are tied together. I like to think of my karate as one of my paintings. From a distance it may look polished and clean, strong yet fluid. But a close look reveals flaws and imperfections. Nothing is perfect, including my karate. Day after day, I strive for my karate, and the art I create, to be better than it was the day before. It’s a never-ending progression, the drive to better oneself. I try to bring it into every part of my life, just as I try to help students become better at karate through practice and conditioning.

Sensei Barbara Conroy

Sensei Barbara Conroy is ranked Sandan (third degree black belt) in the International Shotokan Karate Federation. She is known by her colleagues and students for her precise, refined techniques and fun, welcoming children’s classes.


Barbara Conroy is ranked Sandan (third degree black belt) in the International Shotokan Karate Federation. She is known by her colleagues and students for her refined techniques, fun and welcoming children’s classes, her love of animals and her love of chocolate.

Barbara also tracks data for an online service meeting the needs of separating families and operates her own local, full-service hairdressing studio.

Sensei Jim Viscusi

Sensei Jim Viscusi has enjoyed a 30-year career as an IT professional. Mr. Viscusi is a team leader specializing in project management and personal development. He is known in the dojo for offering elements of psychology in his self-defense teaching, and for causing the mantra “Jim Viscusi is not scary!” among his sparring partners.


I have been married to my wife for over 27 years, most of which have been the most wonderful years of my life. We managed to raise two children to adulthood. We’ve especially enjoyed watching them come to the realizations that all the stories we told them about adult life really are true. I’ve spent over three decades working in Information Technology. The last 20 have been in a variety of roles with Oracle Corporation, where I now lead several teams in the engineering group. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many countries around the world to speak at client and user sites and at industry conferences. Through all of this I’ve come to realize two things — most of what I ever needed to learn about managing people really was taught in kindergarten, and the rest can be handled with a cool head and a few deep breaths. Part of my passion for karate stems from a deep interest in bio-mechanics and medicine. I was an active volunteer EMT for 20 years (gathering certifications in vehicle, hazardous materials, rope and water rescue, among many others). I became Chief of Operations and added such administrative roles as Treasurer and Board member. Eventually I received SWAT training and served as a medic with the regional team. The same passion that brought me to Shotokan karate also lead me to explore other areas of self defense. Before coming to Granite Forest Dojo, I studied Tae Kwon Do for several years. In addition, I’ve attended firearms training classes with several different weapons and qualified as an NRA long gun firearms instructor. One of the most life-changing experiences I have ever even attempted was becoming a Team Revolution rider for our nonprofit, Join The Revolution for cancer-free kids. This involved two years of bicycle training toward an effort to complete the Race Across America, during which we raised over $104,000 for research at CHOP. How his kids turned out: Sara MBA from Arcadia University works for a multinational bank married with one son holds the rank of 5 Kyu (purple belt) in the ISKF James completed certification in automotive technical training full-time working auto mechanic holds the rank of 3 kyu in the ISKF Corporal, U.S. National Guard; tank brigade member, infantryman

Sensei Bruce Costa

Sensei Bruce Costa is a passionate teacher, successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, published author, and student of mindfulness meditation. He has studied Shotokan Karate and other disciplines with many high-ranking instructors from six continents over nearly four decades.


During his 20s and 30s, he worked in, presented to, and consulted for various manufacturing, publishing, distribution, and retail industries. He left his 3-hour commute from Perkasie to Manhattan to become a full-time freelance writer, a professional advocate for literacy and bully defense in primary school assemblies, and a stay-at-home dad. He has had over 250 articles and column installments published. Today, in addition to his writing and responsibilities at Granite Forest Dojo, He is a partner at A+ Student Housing, which serves well over 100 students each year. There he teaches young people to understand their rights and obligations under legal contracts. He hosts a free, monthly, evening Sangha meetings at Granite Forest Dojo. Visitors are invited to practice mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, with whom Mr. Costa has studied since 2007. Driven by a childhood of debilitating shyness and repeated episodes of bullying, he strives with inextinguishable enthusiasm to empower every student with a sense of dignity and purpose. He is the author of Welcome To Karate, an accessibly-written curricular text for beginning karate students meant to make our challenging practice more inviting. It has received written praise from dozens of his mentors. It’s foreword is by Shihan Okazaki himself. He is a board member of the Christopher Court Foundation, and a rider with Join The Revolution for cancer-free kids. These teams raised over $104,000 for pediatric brain tumor research at CHOP during their effort to ride bicycles across the United States in only 8 days, and over $167,000 since its inception following the death of a beloved, 7-year-old student with events like Granite Forest Dojo’s annual Kick-a-Thon. He continues to live in the midst of the boulder-strewn forest where his children were raised.

Sensei Terry Farrell

Sensei Terry Farrell is a career U.S. Naval officer and a manager for a multinational Sustainable Habitat firm. He is a devoted husband, father, and jokester.

I think I’m known by colleagues and students for my ready smile, goofy sense of humor, and my love of kihon (basic techniques) and torturous combinations. I’m married to the former Lynn Walsh (Saleswoman Extraordinaire and Commander-in-Chief Homefront) and wisely defer to her in all things financial. A 350-year-old French multi-national corporation called Saint-Gobain is my employer. It is the best company in the world, having a desire is to lead in Sustainable Habitat internationally. As a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve with 30 years of service, I hold the title of Commanding Officer, Mobile Mine Assembly Unit SIX. I would do 30 more if the Navy would let me. How his kids turned out: Matthew born 1993 graduated from Penn State Smeal College of Business in May 2016 taking on the world golfs as much as possible Thomas born 1998 hospitality major at Penn State Berks Campus will give Conrad Hilton a run for his money enjoys basketball and video games Ryan born 1998 senior at Pennridge High School avid Lacrosse player budding entrepreneur pizza deliveryman Gracie born 2006 properly known as Princess Grace of Souderton beautiful, intelligent, and loving with a heart of gold (her father might be slightly biased) enjoys playing piano, basketball, and riding horseback Editorial note: Terry is part of the old guard, with the longest tenure at Granite Forest Dojo of any current member. He’s known each year for his enthusiasm and support of Kangeiko, our annual winter training. Our bare feet wouldn’t be able to find the snow without him.

Sensei Chad Wenhold

Sensei Chad Wenhold has worked for Kwik Goal, Ltd since 1999 as Shipping/Receiving & Warehouse manager. (Kwik Goal manufactures goal posts, primarily for Soccer, and provides all equipment associated with the sport of Soccer.) Chad oversees all operations for 2 of the 3 buildings on site and one other warehouse offsite. He is quite the guru when it comes to report building, and has created many reporting templates for various departments throughout the company.

Chad has a knack for creating a good rapport with kids. “According to my wife, it is because I am still a kid at heart,” he said. “From day one of starting my training at Granite Forest Dojo, I so wanted to help teach the kids and have finally been given that chance.” He is happily married to Jennifer Wenhold, who works for Grandview Medical at the High Point office. “We have been married for 18 years and have the strongest relationship which has been built off hours of just talking at the beginning of our relationship.” Chad and Jennifer have two wonderful children, Gillian and Evan:

Sensei Deanna Kocher

Sensei Deanna Kocher is an enthusiastic children’s instructor who began her own karate training at age 4. She is most considered one of the most focused practitioners at Granite Forest Dojo while remaining an avid soccer player. Sensei Deanna is a full-time graduate student pursuing her Ph.D. in Engineering from Lehigh University. She has built a water system in Nicaragua with Engineers without Borders.


My first Sensei (*cough* my Dad) always told me to keep fun in my pockets. He also told me that I read so much that words poured out of my ears. He was pretty right on both accounts. When I’m not reading or learning, I’m usually off doing something goofy with my brother… when the fun escapes both of our pockets things pretty much have to get silly.

I graduated from Lehigh University with an integrated degree in Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Psychology. I love to make things, and if I had the choice I’d spend the majority of my time happily lost in the woodshop or drawing… or reading. I am semi-fluent in spanish and travelled to Nicaragua with Engineers Without Borders to build a water system. I should also mention that I’m pretty sure I was born with a soccer ball at my feet… I play club soccer at Lehigh and I co-direct a soccer tournament in my hometown!

As someone who started practicing karate in front of my fireplace when I was four, the opportunity to help teach at Granite Forest was very exciting to me. I’ve taught on and off at my father’s dojo for the last few years, as well as a number of other teaching opportunities I’ve had with kids. At Lehigh, I tutored kids ranging from kindergarten to middle school, and I also spent a semester volunteering/doing research at a local preschool.

At home, I coached young soccer players and ran an arts and crafts summer program where I taught kids how NOT to have their pottery blow up when they put it in the kiln! I’ve always loved working with kids and I believe I am fluent in speaking Kindergartner. As it turns out, the fun in my pockets usually gets me to act my shoe size!