Community Events

Birthday Parties We work hard to ensure your child has the most exciting, coolest birthday party available, and at a better price than any other specialty school or studio within driving distance. We do this because we believe that this is a chance for your child and friends to experience how fascinating karate can be when taught by a good, well-trained instructor. We never know who in your party will join our school, so we make sure everyone has a blast!
Movie Night Nothing is as much fun as relaxing on the mats at Granite Forest Theater and enjoying a family movie on our projector screen and awesome theater sound system!
Bring your Mom day At special times like Mother’s Day we give moms an opportunity to experience Karate training for free, either with their children, or on their own in our Family or Adult Classes. Often, it sticks! Our very own Chief Children’s Instructor, Barbara Conroy, was once watching her children train at Granite Forest Karate, giving it a try on Mother’s Day. Years later she has achieved her Black Belt!
Bring your Dad day Dads also have a chance to give Karate a try on Father’s Day and at other special times of the year. It’s a huge treat for kids when their father joins them on the dojo floor. It’s a bigger treat for Dads when they experience the health benefits and personal growth that martial arts training offers.
Buddy Days A couple of times per year, students are given the opportunity to bring a friend to Karate class with them. From Little Ninjas through Adults, many friends have experienced why Granite Forest Karate is a great place to train.
Costume Days Have you ever seen a scarecrow practice Karate? Or a Pirate? Perhaps a space alien? At the end of October, all manner of creatures show up at our dojo!
Other Events

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