Sensei Jim Viscusi has enjoyed a 30-year career as an IT professional. Mr. Viscusi is a team leader specializing in project management and personal development. He is known in the dojo for offering elements of psychology in his self-defense teaching, and for causing the mantra “Jim Viscusi is not scary!” among his sparring partners.

I have been married to my wife for over 27 years, most of which have been the most wonderful years of my life. We managed to raise two children to adulthood. We’ve especially enjoyed watching them come to the realizations that all the stories we told them about adult life really are true. I’ve spent over three decades working in Information Technology. The last 20 have been in a variety of roles with Oracle Corporation, where I now lead several teams in the engineering group. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many countries around the world to speak at client and user sites and at industry conferences. Through all of this I’ve come to realize two things — most of what I ever needed to learn about managing people really was taught in kindergarten, and the rest can be handled with a cool head and a few deep breaths. Part of my passion for karate stems from a deep interest in bio-mechanics and medicine. I was an active volunteer EMT for 20 years (gathering certifications in vehicle, hazardous materials, rope and water rescue, among many others). I became Chief of Operations and added such administrative roles as Treasurer and Board member. Eventually I received SWAT training and served as a medic with the regional team. The same passion that brought me to Shotokan karate also lead me to explore other areas of self defense. Before coming to Granite Forest Dojo, I studied Tae Kwon Do for several years. In addition, I’ve attended firearms training classes with several different weapons and qualified as an NRA long gun firearms instructor. One of the most life-changing experiences I have ever even attempted was becoming a Team Revolution rider for our nonprofit, Join The Revolution for cancer-free kids. This involved two years of bicycle training toward an effort to complete the Race Across America, during which we raised over $104,000 for research at CHOP. How his kids turned out: Sara MBA from Arcadia University works for a multinational bank married with one son holds the rank of 5 Kyu (purple belt) in the ISKF James completed certification in automotive technical training full-time working auto mechanic holds the rank of 3 kyu in the ISKF Corporal, U.S. National Guard; tank brigade member, infantryman