Sensei George Mcknight has worked in software development for over 20 years, is a hobbyist sign maker, screen printer, and devoted father to Megan.

I live in Lansdale, in the home that both my Grandfather, and my daughter were born in.  In 2007, I left my job of 13 years to take part in a web development company startup, and have been the V.P. of Product Development  ever since.

I studied 2 dimensional design, layout, and lettering in college, and I’ve been fascinated with sign-, Tshirt-, and commercial design for most of my adult life. I run Lizard Tee, a T-shirt printing company, out of my home.

I’ve traveled to almost every state in our country, and many other countries, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Trinidad & Tobago.

I have a high school-aged daughter who is growing way too fast. She and I are very close, and we spend lots of time together. Megan was born in 2003. She was a gymnast for about four years, she enjoys playing piano and guitar, and she’s incredibly smart. Megan’s been a member of the National Junior Honor Society since middle school, and plans to major in business in college.