Sensei Terry Farrell is a career U.S. Naval officer and a manager for a multinational Sustainable Habitat firm. He is a devoted husband, father, and jokester.



I think I’m known by colleagues and students for my ready smile, goofy sense of humor, and my love of kihon (basic techniques) and torturous combinations. I’m married to the former Lynn Walsh (Saleswoman Extraordinaire and Commander-in-Chief Homefront) and wisely defer to her in all things financial. A 350-year-old French multi-national corporation called Saint-Gobain is my employer. It is the best company in the world, having a desire is to lead in Sustainable Habitat internationally. As a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve with 30 years of service, I hold the title of Commanding Officer, Mobile Mine Assembly Unit SIX. I would do 30 more if the Navy would let me. How his kids turned out: Matthew born 1993 graduated from Penn State Smeal College of Business in May 2016 taking on the world golfs as much as possible Thomas born 1998 hospitality major at Penn State Berks Campus will give Conrad Hilton a run for his money enjoys basketball and video games Ryan born 1998 senior at Pennridge High School avid Lacrosse player budding entrepreneur pizza deliveryman Gracie born 2006 properly known as Princess Grace of Souderton beautiful, intelligent, and loving with a heart of gold (her father might be slightly biased) enjoys playing piano, basketball, and riding horseback Editorial note: Terry is part of the old guard, with the longest tenure at Granite Forest Dojo of any current member. He’s known each year for his enthusiasm and support of Kangeiko, our annual winter training. Our bare feet wouldn’t be able to find the snow without him.