Sensei Wade Greim has been an electronic and audio technician and professional musician for over three decades. Mr. Greim was lead foreman throughout the construction of our beautiful dojo. He is a devoted husband, father to three extraordinary boys, and a loyal friend.


My intense passion for karate is as big as the laughs I’m known to produce in the dojo, often at myself during this challenging, happy climb as a Black Belt. While studying under Sensei Costa and other great teachers of the ISKF, I’m constantly trying to hone my skills in martial arts. My teaching style is all about empowerment and building confidence. Mine is an “if I can do it, anyone can” mentality. I’ve been an electronic technician and sound system installer for Lansdale Amusement Center for over 33 years.

I’m married to Elizabeth Greim, who works in the medical field and is a beautician who enjoys biking, is a movie trivia expert, and a terrific mother. Lizzy is ranked 8 Kyu (yellow belt) in the ISKF. In many bands I’ve played bass and guitar for over 30 years, but currently I only enjoy monthly jams with my old bandmates. I can’t do the grueling, 3 o’clock weekly gigs anymore! I also enjoy practicing mindfulness meditation with our Granite Forest Sangha on a monthly basis. I am a founding member of Join The Revolution for cancer-free kids.

How his kids turned out:


studying to be an electrician electric keyboards in an upcoming rock band the best omelet chef on the planet


designed, assembled, and programmed his own high performance gaming computer has done this for multiple other people honor role student in Pennridge High School enjoys tennis, swimming studying drums after years of piano


studies drums cares for animals at Last Chance Ranch Animal shelter. dazzling charisma and unflinching confidence in social situations has made him come to be known as The Mayor obsessed with Dragons, Godzilla, scary stories, and silly over the top Sharknado movies